3d Sidewalk Art by Julian Beever

May 16, 2009 at 9:06 pm (Focus II) ()

source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
This is a collection of 3d Sidewalk Art created by an English chalk artist Julian Beever. This type of art is similar to the 3d Pavement Art. This Illusions are done by using Chalk as a main tool to create it. I like it because it beautifies the street-scape and also, it gives an interesting and awesome illusion, therefore allowing people walking on the sidewalk to interact with the Chalk art, when viewed at the correct angle. It also looks real and believable too.
More sample of Julian Beever’s 3d Sidewalk Art Illusion:
Removed Paving
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Transformers exiting the subway in NYC
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
A man diving into source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Swimming pool
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Demons coming out of the ground
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Spider man to the rescue below & above this London St.
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
White Water Rafting
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Eiffel Tower being dug up
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Expression of Freedomsource: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/

More on information on 3d Sidewalk Art by Julian Beever, see http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm



  1. Trance said,

    I found this fascinating quote today:

    This is why I’m creating my own cheap pools; You play a crucial role in this area.

    Fusion, cheap above ground swimming pools

  2. suraj said,

    Man its awsome hats off to the artist. here in india most of theartists throws paint on canvas and puts some hard funny names for it. they won’t be able to recreate there own work

  3. Lilly said,

    THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lele said,

    these are amazing. i couldnt have the patience to put all that detail into something like that…and im an artist!! great job!
    i love you FJ! 🙂

  5. LELE said,

    how old are you? i saw your comment on the 3-d sidewalk art website lol

  6. saundershumphrey42 said,

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