My Front Garden @ Home…………….

April 18, 2009 at 2:14 am (Focus II) ()

During the Easter holiday, i designed my front garden in Kent. My sister and I, decided to bring my design  ideas to  reality. We did so by doing major D.I.Y to our garden with no professional experience.

The current situation is that the garden doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and it has a clay foundation which doesn’t allow the existing turf to grow properly. Due to this issue, the turf needed to be removed as shown below:

Before Photos:

My Brief: My family wanted the garden to be green with less maintenance required and a sculpture or outdoor garden decoration.

Now i decided to design the front garden, by making it evergreen using Artificial grass (that lives) which as is always evergreen and has low maintenance. Also in my design sketch, i proposed bright red wood barks, white stones and pebbles of different sizes for the garden’s edges.

Photos of materials

Proposed Materials:

  • 5 bags of Shape sand: This is used to level the clay based bed, so that the artificial grass can be evenly spread with no bumps.
  • 4m x 4m Artificial Grass, 15 pins and 1 roll of liner (to prevent weeds from growing underneath the artificial grass).
  • 5 bags of bright red wood bark: This is to be the edging for the garden and also to blend with the brick colour of the house too.
  • 3 box hedge plants
  • 3 bags of White stones and 4 bags of pebbles of different sizes : This is for the garden edges too and also to give it a distinctive quality.
  • Garden sculptures and outdoor solar lights as finishing touches.
Step 1: Leveling of the clay based bed as shown above with shape sand and then laying down the liner and then laid the 4m x 4m artificial grass over the area and pinned it down as shown below:
Artificial grass being laid

Step 2: Filled in the first edge with the bright red wood barks. On the other edge, dug up holes to put the box hedge plants and then covered the surrounding up with the pebbles and stones as shown below:

Wood barks, stones and pebbles are been put in place

Step 3: Adding the garden sculptures and decoration, explored different formation with it so that it compliments the overall design and not just an element been added last minute shown below:

Garden sculptures & decorations formation

Final Design of my Front Garden

Wow! i didn’t know i could do this, thanks to my sister for making this possible. I’m happy to say that my family loves it and it has also met their requirements as well. I have gained and learnt valuable skills that i won’t have gotten from my degree but it has made me to explore what i have been thought on a Small scale.
I believe its good to put what we design on paper to reality by getting our hand dirty, if one doesn’t get to do this, you won’t have an understand of how things are laid or made. Now, I’m proud to say that I totally understand how to lay artificial grass and plants into the ground.

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