Landscape of Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, Manchester

March 8, 2009 at 3:12 pm (Focus II) ()

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park
The Castlefield area has been designated as Britain’s first Urban Heritage Park. It represents the wealth of Manchester’s industrial heritage which includes its railway viaducts, canal transportation systems and museums. Due to this, it has become a major tourtist hot spot in Manchester, attracting tourist to enjoys waterside experience such as its pleasant walks and boat trips along the Rochdale canal.

Castlefield Outdoor Space
Castlefield has an outdoor space that looks upon the wate’s edge of the Castlefield Basin. It is a lovely urban ampitheatre landscaped space that serves an an open theatre in Roman times.

The landscape consist of a permanent canopy thats shadows over 7 pre-cast concrete amphitheatre steps.

Also it has a series of undulating moulds which symbolises waves or flow of water as shown below:
Castlefield landscape design is similar to More London in London and also Sheldon Square in Paddington as shown below; because they all just like a theatre; having the same purposes such as accommodating outdoor events such as exhibitons, plays, etc.
Sheldon Square, Paddington,London


More London, London


In conclusion, the landscape is very simple but also represents an elegance of moderen landscape design. My only critism of this site is that it doesn’t have any access for a wheel chair user to move freely around the site. If it where to be modified, i will suggest wheel chair access is key, in order to allow wheel chair uses to also have equal spatial experience as the rest of the other people.

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