Aspirations for Moonfruit – Online Portfolio

March 6, 2009 at 7:29 pm (Focus II) ()

To achieve my goals, i decided to analyse and identify what the requirements are and the key components of creating an online portfolio on a website host by analysing the past graduate student online portfolio on Moonfruit particularly the most recent year of 2008 at Kingston University for inspiration.

My strongest inspiration was Matt Parker’s portfolio:  “”

Matt designed his website in a unique, and simple way but still has a very strong interactive quality.

In terms of this layout, it’s very straight forward to understand and easy to navigate through it swiftly without getting confused.

It’s very attractive and catches one’s attention fully due to its animated qualities.

Although, the overall layout was created using a special program – Adobe Flash. This is a very good method of adding a personal touch to one’s portfolio. But Matt Parker’s website is quite advanced and technical for my level but i shall still try to achieve this standard if time permits me.

In conclusion, Matt’s site has motivated me greatly and also made me to realise the opportunities on how far one can design their own website using moonfruit which can be simply enjoyable.

Other Inspirations:

Both Paul Bratton & Kaori Kishi are very inspiring because they have a very easy and simple layout design. Their portfolio is easy to understand and use by anyone. The graphic quality is plain but still stands out to me.


Paul Bratton website:

Kaori Kishi:


Analysing the overall online portfolio of last year 2008 set, i noticed that majority have a “Black” background and contrasting font colours. I find the use of black background is nice but very dull at the same time and also has a bad effect to the viewers eyes which is not helpful to the users eyes because of this I intend to stay away from using a black background.

Secondly, i observed no-one had a colourful layout too. I believe colours are beautiful but it depends on how one uses them. I intend to have a colourful portfolio because i believe it lightens up the viewers/ users and also i love colours too. This will be my personal touch to my portfolio.


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