January 30, 2009 at 3:05 pm (Focus II) ()

I attended a lecture on Photography at Kingston University by the head of Photography Dept., Vince Wade. His lecture was about been able to use our cameras either digital or manual to take photos in a different way that captures an interesting perspective of the photo is of and also how to make our photos to have FOCUS.
Vince says ¨taking a photo is not what it is about but what it is of¨
From this lecture i was motivated to strat taking good focus photos of it is of not just about what it is about according to vince.
I gave myself a liitle task to capture light and shadow that totally interpretes the photo in a different way.
Photo One: Capture the rays of light from the lamp post
Looking a tthe photos above; at one glance, it looks like it is foggy outside, but its not..its just the way i have captured the rays light goin through the tree branches.
Photo Two: Capturing of Shadow

The photo above is a beautiful image and i love it. When you look the image above at it looks like i was taking a photo of the tree but instead taking a second look at it, the photo actually captures the most interesting part of the tree’s shadow and the rays of light passing through its branches.

With my little task, now i totally believe and agree totally with Vince Wade’s statement ¨taking a photo is not what it is about but what it is of¨

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