Personal Focus: Urban Agriculture in UK

January 23, 2009 at 2:32 pm (Focus II) ()

Analysing urban agriculture and its application in making cities produce their own food sustainably. Considering why the use of Open spaces in the UK are not been turned into productive landscape rather than urban places or the integration of urban agriculture as a way of designing urban spaces? Therefore investigating the importance of urban agriculture in a wider context of sustainability; discussing the impact of distant transportation of food and its food miles. Looking at major issue of Food miles and its contribution to the environment causing climate change.

Understanding the types of urban farming and the ways it can be implemented in cities e.g. roof gardens, vertical farming, Allotments, etc. Also looking at the future of urban farming.

In conclusion, I will be questioning “If it’s possible to make or turn a city (like London) into a productive sustainable system?”

Aim of Study:

My aim is to achieve an understanding of how food plays an important role in our everyday life. Ways in which it can be incorporated as a way of bringing communities together and also beautifying the landscape in a more sustainable way. I find it very interesting for if very popularcities can produce their own food rather than depending on other countries. Very few cities especially London doesn’t have this quality and is very dependent for food from other place.

I have always imagined that “what would happen if these countries that supply the cities with food decide to stop one day?”

The purpose of my study is to identify ways in which food production can be explored more in urban places without the need for food miles. This can help to improve the environment by combating climate change therefore reducing emission of air pollutants in the atmosphere from food miles.

.Case Studies:

  • Case study of the success of Urban agriculture in Cuba
  • Urban food and farming project in Middlesbrough, UK in 2007

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