Landscape Is. Less is More – More London, London

May 10, 2008 at 5:34 pm (Focus)

Presently I’m currently writing a report on More London. More London is located next to London Tower bridge in Pool of London area, Borough of Southwark. Its a new dynamic regeneration development going on in Southwark. The site used to be an international dock part of Hay’s Wharf but over time it became abandon. Today, its one of the successful and popular promenade and an art destination along the Southbank.

Its landscape was designed by Townshend Landscape architects. The landscape design has a simple and a bold characteristics in its finishes and arrangement of features.
It consist of The Scoop which is the focal point of More London, its a sunken amphitheatre that accommodates about 800 people.  A lot of different free events takes place there such as art exhibitions, etc.

Other water features are:

– Computerised Water fountain:

– Water Benches

– The Rill

Only one material (limestone) is been used accross the site. This gives the site a distinctive strong feel for space and a high quality finish.

More London has these Full Stop public art by Fiona Banner displayed randomly around the site. Its amazing to see how people do interact with them.

In conclusion, Its a very successful project, with a well balanced used of material and public art. Everytime i’m on Site i get the sense of being in a Destination place and when i’m off, i know i’m off.

Below is a powerpoint presentation showing the technical apprasial of More London.

 [rockyou id=112309001&w=426&h=319]


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