Landscape Is. Lakeside Terrace, Barbican, London

May 8, 2008 at 4:43 pm (Focus)

Location of Lakeside Terrace, Barbican

Just behind Barbican Center is the central public court of the Barbican, Lakeside Terrace which features a cafe area and a wonderful landscape. It’s called Lakeside terrace because it has a huge artificial lake which has various features.

There 3 main seating areas within the court. Below shows the Waterside Cafe.

This is another seating area that is made up of steel fix street furniture. Its arrangement is very different because its been arranged in such a way that it invites people to seat either a group of as an individual.The seats don’t face the artificial lake but you get the hear the sound of the lake which feels very relaxing and has this sensual feeling to it. While i was there alone i didn’t feel like i was isolated from the rest. I felt comfortable that is not too close or far from another person.

Jet Water Fountain

Water Fall into the lake

I found this cool because the water runs underneath the stairs of the surround residential blocks. This gives the residents a good feel when the walk on the stairs. this is very interesting!

The Residential Blocks and underneath is the artificial Lake

In the lake, there were this seating areas in it which looked like “Seating Nest”. Its unfortunate that i wasn’t able to seat in it because its a private space but i think it should be made public .
But the idea of having Seating Nest in the lake is awesome.

The Third Seating area which has very huge Timber planters displayed in a linear manner. With steel fixed green seating’s with different forms.

The fixed steel seats

Another Feature with in the Lake

Yes!! the Lake had wildlife! that’s awesome because it just makes it feel like a real feature for the users. Wildlife in lakes or ponds makes it even more beautiful.

In conclusion i love the landscape because it had various features as u walk along the lake; firstly as u walk you come across different seatings in different forms and the on the other side the features in the lake too changes until u get to the very end.
Its a good peaceful place to go to, shutting down the busy city’s activities and then listening to the sound of water just makes one feel good.

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