Landscape Is. Curve Art “Next Time I’m Here, I’ll Be There” by Hans Schabus

May 7, 2008 at 12:35 am (Focus)

The Curve art was displayed in Barbican Theatre, London

This is a comterpary art by Han Schabus which explores the intersection between architecture and sculpture. This exhibition is quite unique, it consist of 461 different types of chairs bolted to the 80m long semi-circular gallery known as the Curve. 

This exhinbtion reminds me of the seating arrangement on an aeroplane as the plane flys sideways. Hans view of art is by shifting materials and forms from one context into another and by playing with it which expectly gives space.

I create new space and fill in other spaces. For me, sculpture is the organisation of material within space” – Hans Schabus

 I strongly agree with his quoted statement above, because in the design world its all about how spaces are been arranged in other for it to fit into its surrounding context in order for a project  to be successful.
Design doesn’t necessary have to be on ground level but can be explored in “the Space above ground level”
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