Landscape Is. Richmond Park

May 6, 2008 at 9:24 pm (Focus)

Map of Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of the largest Royal Park in London. It’s so huge that i wasn’t able to walk round the entire park. On a sunny day like today, walking round the park was very interesting because within the park there were various landscapes to see such as woodland garden, grasslands, Hills and also ponds.

Cycle Paths running in the middle of the park is a very good idea because it allows cyclist to have a good view while cycling compared to other parks their cycle paths are on the edge of the park. Richmond Park does encourage cycling.

One of the Ponds

Wildlife in Park: Richmond Park has a huge impact on encouraging biodiversity and habitat for animals. Below are:

– Different Duck species in pond

– Grey Squirrel

Good Idea!!! Play Ground in a Park. This invites young people and teenagers to get engaged with the park more.

Furniture in Park:

Benches: I think the benches in park are a very bad investment because it looks very unkept. I still think they could made more effort in having very descent and more attractive street furniture.

Apart from its furniture within the park, i think this park is a very good place to be in on a sunny day today. It feels very relaxing and makes you to get engaged with other places within the park. I loved the ponds more!
More Information on the park:

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