Identifying Materials Used along Southbank

April 30, 2008 at 10:36 pm (Focus)

This is a task of identifying materials and how they are put in place. I decided to walk along the Southbank i.e from Waterloo to Tate Modern. I found the could identify most as shown below:
 Flame Textured grey granite
– standard size 600mm by 1200mm
Polish dark grey granite insert
Granite slabs with grooves and glass inserts. I think this was done by machine.
Granite Drainage slab 
D.A.E fixed to the ground furniture.
Maintenance: Graffiti removal van used to clean off graffiti around the skate park in Waterloo.
Tate Modern street furniture
Precast concrete block with rubber bolted to the top.
Disadvantages of using rubber surface is shown below:
The rubber surface is worn out and its hard to replace, therefore for just a little tear the whole rubber needs to be changed..
Sandstone slabs
Sandstone Tactile Paving

This picture is just showing how the granite pavers are laid.

From this image the granite pavers is laid on a sand bed, followed by hardcore and finally on compacted Earth.
Manhole cover
Manhole cover made with its surround material – resin bond aggregate, so that it blends with in it surrounding streetscape so as not to odd. Good idea!!!
Stainless steel bin mounted on a concrete base
Herringbone Paving pattern with joints of 5mm

Clay Pavers of standard size

Stone square setts with a punched finish texture
LED lighting between the Stone setts
Brush steel pole signage with aluminium signs. Likely to be supplied by Wood house

Stone setts with a cropped finish. Joint with concrete mortar of about 10mm spacing.
Another type of Tactile paving with a different texture 
It’s amazing when one can identify materials used in landscapes. This little exercise of identifying materials used along the Southbank has made me understand how certain materials are used. I have walked along the Southbank several times but not for once did i notice that a lot of different materials is been use at least about every 5-10m there is a change in material.

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