Hay’s Galleria, London

March 24, 2008 at 3:33 pm (Focus)

It is located along the river front between London Bridge Pier and Tower bridge, London


It was Built in the 1850’s, Hay’s Wharf took deliveries from ships from all over the world and the area became known as the ‘Larder of London’. The great Hay’s Wharf complex has been restored to its former glory. Source:http://www.haysgalleria.co.uk/Hays/HaysGalleria.nsf/galleria?OpenFrameSet 

Hay’s Galleria is an open space that is made up of traditional craft and market stalls used for decorating the walkways along it and its neighbouring building which consists of shops restaurants, bars etc.

Alot of events takes place in the Hay’s Galleria such as exhibitions, etc and sometimes used as a market place. It has a great atmosphere while one is walking through it. Mostly used by local people, tourist and shoppers too!
The seating areas are located at the foot of craft stalls as shown below:

A large scale bronze sculptural water fountain located close the entrance toward the riverfront.

A lovely good view from inside Hay’s Galleria towards the river Thames, you can see the skyscrapers on the other side of the river as shown below: 

More Information:http://www.haysgalleria.co.uk/


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