Small Urban Space in Southwark (near to Tate Modern), London

March 22, 2008 at 2:01 pm (Focus)

This is an open public space located just 5mins walk from Canvey Street (off Southwark street).

The landscape is made up of

  • Granite seats around a plant bed
  • Trees
  • Ground lights
  • Geo lightstack lamp post from Wood house

This landscape has been approached in a different manner compared to the one on Canvey street because certain features such as the siting areas and planting detailing are very different but its paving materials, ground light and lamp post are the same.

The seating areas are designed to be around a raised plant bed. its made up of Flame texture grey granite slabs.


Tree pit

The trees are been planted in tree pit which has a sand bed. The edges of this sand bed has very small hedge which serve as an wind breaker to prevent the loose sand from been blown onto the paved surface.

 Ground Light in Tree pit

           During the Day                                                 At Night

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