Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam – the city’s stage

March 8, 2008 at 1:14 pm (Focus)

Schouwburgplein or Theater Square is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The square is surrounded by De Doelen concert hall, Municipal theater, Central station, shops, offices. It was built to feel like an open urban stage which provides an expansion view on the city’s skyline.

The 4 red lamp post are operated hydraulically and extend up to 35m high. They change there positions at programmed times and also can be altered by people inserting coins into the coin-operated feature hereby changed the programmed settings.

NB: The idea of using movable lamp post is to represent the tall huge cranes used in harbour which mainly summarises the Port activities in Rotterdam.

There are 3 tall towers made up of clad light weight gauze. On each tower,there is a digital clock that shows the time in a red digital figures. These towers are ventilation shaft for the large underground car park below the square.
The square is divided into different zones with various functions by using various combination of paving materials and use of dramatic lighting.…/2007/schneider/index.html

The pavement used are:
  • Perforated metal panels with beams of white and green neon light shinning up through them at night.
  • Epoxy resin concrete       





  • Steel panels with a herringbone pattern of narrow timber decking.

Steel Panels

The combination, texture and layout of these simple and basic materials gave the square an elegant look an also looks unique when it is viewed from a distance.

Behind the towers are 13 long elegant slatted benches made out of “Robinia wood”


I think this is a lovely square and its concept behind the huge lamp post is good and very interesting but i don’t really like the huge lamp post because i think the square is unique because of its use of different materials and the patterns created.The major feature is the lighting which plays an important role in the space. The space is quite big but its not really used by people that much expect if there is an event going on in the neighbouring theaters or the cinema.


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