Waterloo Open Space Project

January 3, 2008 at 4:43 pm (landscape.is)

Researches on Amenities available in Waterloo
The following are the Amenities found:
· Schools
· Libraries
· Post offices
· Pubs
· Place of worship
· Museum
· Transportation – Bus stops
· Theatres
· Hotels
· Groceries & convenience storesAll this are all mapped and shown where these amenities are situated on the maps
Implications and conclusions:

· From the research of data of amenities that I have found, collected and mapped, is that most of the amenities are not situated close to the local residential people.
· The major amenity used in waterloo is the “pubs”. Waterloo has a lot of pubs at least on average about 2-3 pubs on each street. This is the main reason why waterloo has a lot of problems with street drinkers because the more the pubs are the more the street drinkers will become an issue to the local residents. The Street drinkers are a menace to the environment and are making people feel unsafe.
· Most of the amenities are found mostly around major landmarks (tourist areas), therefore it’s concluded that the government or local council are providing these amenities for mainly the tourist in other to that means to raise funds rather than the local people.
· For a small area like waterloo its got quite a lot of good available amenities to support the local people, the problem here is that its not been distributed evenly across waterloo.
· There are some areas, like for example lower marsh. This is a much known and heavily used are by both the local residence and the people from outside waterloo and neighbouring areas but looking at the mapping of the amenities, there is very little around the area which I think is very surprising. It’s the main place I was expecting to see quite a lot of amenities but instead my expectations are wrong.      


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