Landscape is. Paddington, London

April 5, 2007 at 10:21 pm (First Sight)

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Wow! I didnt know Paddington was a lovely place. Paddington Walk has a lovely atmosphere.What i found interesting is the change in the use of ground materials such as Paved flooring in a very unique order or pattern around the river front and the also the use of loose gravel, also wooden decking on the other side which gave each area a different experience.

the most interesting features in padditon are:

  •  The Rolling Bridge, built in 2004 as part of the Grand Union Canal office & retail development project at Paddington Basin, London.The bridge was conceived by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, designed by SKM Anthony Hunt with Packman Lucas, and built by Littlehampton Welding Ltd.

    This bridge consists of eight triangular sections hinged at the walkway level and connected above by two part links that may be collapsed toward the deck by hydraulic pistons, which are concealed in vertical posts in the bridge parapets. When extended, it resembles a conventional steel and timber footbridge, and is 12 metres long. However, to allow the passage of boats, the bridge can be made to curl up until its two ends touch, to form an octagonal shape measuring one half of the waterway’s width at that point.In 2005, the bridge won the British Structural Steel Design Award.


The Helix Bridge:

The Helix Bridge is a sculptural pedestrian bridge spanning the canal at the Paddington Basin development site in central London. This functional yet highly stylish bridge is in the form of a glazed helical steel tube that ‘screws’ in and out across the canal to allow boats to pass. The Helix’s innovative and iconic design adds an exciting visual element to this regenerated urban waterfront location. Commissioned by Paddington Development Corporation, Buro Happold was both the lead design consultant and structural engineer on the project.

The bridge consists of two main structural elements: the glazed helix which spans between two fixed end rings containing a circular bearing system, inside which it rotates; and a separate counterbalanced deck that is constructed integral with the end rings and which cantilevers from the mechanism. The counterbalance is supported on rollers to allow the Helix to move smoothly in and out across the canal. When used as a crossing, additional support is provided by an abutment on the opposite bank to allow for the extra loadin

  • Glass and steel retractable footbridge
  • Global modelling of stresses in glass, adhesive and cantilevered walkway
  • Localised modelling of key individual components
  • The Helix Bridge at the Paddington Basin development adjacent to Paddington Station is a retractable, composite glass and steel pedestrian bridge. It has a helical frame which rotates during deployment to give the appearance of it corkscrewing across the canal. AK Heavy Engineering used LUSAS to ensure that the proposed form of construction would not excessively stress the glass or adhesive bonds whilst operating under self-weight.

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