Landscape is. A walk along the River side and the City

April 4, 2007 at 7:43 pm (First Sight)

[rockyou id=62876501&w=400&h=300]

I found this trip more interesting. it has been the most urban river bank space that is so exciting and also has lovely concepts by different Landscape architectural Practises on how the landscape was designed i’m pleased to say the concepts are really suitable and very practical and thereby have been successful in this area. Also the components and materials used to achieve this, has given the space a contrast which relates to its surrounding. The ideas of how the materials of the ground its been used in a good way which feels inviting.

I have never seen such a lovely place in a river front. while i was there i felt like i was in a different place not in London cause London has a high population of people. walking along the river side didn’t feel like London it was very comfortable, friendly, exciting, inviting, attractive and free,lot of people where there but not too populated.

 Tate Modern:

this was a lovely place to be in especially the Slides in it was awesome and also i did like the simple landscape outside the Tate Modern, which was done by West 8. It is simply designed to leave the impression of the Tate building, which is beautiful. The Birch trees look nice in the winter as well without the leaves. It has inspired me to want to use Birch trees in the project i do.

I would recommend anyone to have a walk a long the river front from London Bridge to Tower Bridge.


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