3d Sidewalk Art by Julian Beever

May 16, 2009 at 9:06 pm (Focus II) ()

source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
This is a collection of 3d Sidewalk Art created by an English chalk artist Julian Beever. This type of art is similar to the 3d Pavement Art. This Illusions are done by using Chalk as a main tool to create it. I like it because it beautifies the street-scape and also, it gives an interesting and awesome illusion, therefore allowing people walking on the sidewalk to interact with the Chalk art, when viewed at the correct angle. It also looks real and believable too.
More sample of Julian Beever’s 3d Sidewalk Art Illusion:
Removed Paving
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Transformers exiting the subway in NYC
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
A man diving into source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Swimming pool
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Demons coming out of the ground
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Spider man to the rescue below & above this London St.
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
White Water Rafting
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Eiffel Tower being dug up
source: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/
Expression of Freedomsource: http://o.pticalillusions.com/sidewalk-art/

More on information on 3d Sidewalk Art by Julian Beever, see http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm


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Beautiful Arieal Photography by Klaus Leidorf

May 10, 2009 at 6:39 pm (Focus II) ()

Klaus Leidorf is a German aerial archaeologist. This means that he conducts archaeological surveys from the window of his Cessna 172 offering a bird’s eye view.

His overhead photos of a site are invaluable and beautiful for putting it in a wider context and discerning details invisible from ground level, But the details and context helps to identify a strong visual character of a landscape. Not just showing it’s archaeology but also a relationship with humans and objects as a major feature for example humans can be intrepeted as multicolored bathers lined up on a beach like jellybeans as shown below:

Here are samples of Leidorf’s Photographs:

Strange Nest

Cemetery In Velden

A Beer Garden

Winter on “Earth Sign”

Growing Fields

Glaciers Eye

Allotment Gardens

All photos are taken from: www.leidorf.blogspot.com/2007_05_01_archive.html

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Business Card thoughts………

May 5, 2009 at 9:52 pm (Focus II) ()

I researched on different possible ways of representing myself to a potential employer. I want to stay away from the use of the traditional of business cards because i believe they are not as useful as they use to be in the past and nowadays people don’t really keep it and also it isn’t quite sustainable too because of the printing involved.

Source: http://www.geekologie.com/2007/12/11/usb-business-cards.jpg

I discovered this “M++CARD” as shown above, it is no ordinary business card but it’s a business card with a memory storage on the back, therefore allowing ones work, C.V or portfolio to be stored and thereby giving it to a potential employer to attach the M++CARD to a USB adapter straight away. I really want to have this as my business card to represent myself to an employer but unfortunately it is cost quite a lot of money but will definitely have own one soon…..

Source of information: www.geekologie.com/2007/12/09-week

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3d Pavement Art by Edgar Müller

April 24, 2009 at 1:48 pm (Focus II) ()

3d Pavement Art is now the new form of Street art but can also be know for “Street Painting”, Street Art” ,”Chalk Art” or “Sidewalk Art”.

Edgar Müller is a Master of 3d Pavement Art. He has followed the invitation and continued his series of 3D pavement art by beautifying the landscape. “His enormous illusion is reached by applying the anamorphic technique to a huge pavement painting”.

Sample of His work:

1. Ice Age:

Location: In Dun Laoghaire the “Festival of World Culture”


He painted over 250 square meters picture in an urban areas to give them a different look and thereby challenge the audience’s perception and illusions about been in an ice-age. I think this is very cool and does look real but in reality is just a painting that makes you feel you are in a different place. I believe 3D pavement art is very interesting and it reminds me of graffiti but its just that this is different and more realistic.

Other 3d Pavement Art of Edgar:

Lava Burst:


More on 3D Pavement Art: http://www.metanamorph.com/

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Priorities of my Online Portfolio (Part III)

April 22, 2009 at 12:01 pm (Focus II) ()

I have created and developed my site to have a simple and also to aid easy navigation around my website without causing fraustration to users.

In order to develop my key information required by employers, i have simply created my online portfolio with a naiviagtable site map.

Here is the current site map i created for  my online website as shown below:

Click to enlarge image:

Here is the Link to my online portfolio: http://www.landscapeisekemode.moonfruit.com/

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Styrofoam – Japan Dome Houses

April 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm (Focus II) ()

source: http://www.impactlab.com/2008/08/10/japans-styrofoam-dome-homes

While i was researching for a material has a light, soft and strong quality for my “PlayNow” project, i discovered a Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) as a potential material which seems odd but interesting. Styrofoam is most commonly associated with disposable coffee cups, meat trays and packaging. But today, it has been as a potential building material.

source: http://www.impactlab.com/2008/08/10/japans-styrofoam-dome-homes

Japan Dome House Co.Ltd are the manufacturers that have made Dome Houses which has an igloo-shaped structure built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% expanded polystyrene foam in Japan known as “habitat for the 21st century”

source: http://www.i-domehouse.com/images/case/case_title_bg.jpg

The choice of this material for building a home seems odd to me but it has a number of advantages of using Styrofoam compared to the traditional building materials.

source: http://www.i-domehouse.com/case.html

Benefits of Styrofoam over traditional materials such as wood and metal are:

  • Protection: It provides a good shock absorbency and compression resistance for safety protections.
  • Durability: It is non-toxic material and it’s also moisture resistant which means there is no loss of strength in damp conditions.
  • Versatile: It is exible and can be moulded into any shape or form to meet a product’s protection.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Styrofoam Dome House does not rust, rot or attract termites.
  • It is also highly resistant to earthquakes and typhoons.

More on Styrofoam as a building material: www.i-domehouse.com/index.html

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My Front Garden @ Home…………….

April 18, 2009 at 2:14 am (Focus II) ()

During the Easter holiday, i designed my front garden in Kent. My sister and I, decided to bring my design  ideas to  reality. We did so by doing major D.I.Y to our garden with no professional experience.

The current situation is that the garden doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and it has a clay foundation which doesn’t allow the existing turf to grow properly. Due to this issue, the turf needed to be removed as shown below:

Before Photos:

My Brief: My family wanted the garden to be green with less maintenance required and a sculpture or outdoor garden decoration.

Now i decided to design the front garden, by making it evergreen using Artificial grass (that lives) which as is always evergreen and has low maintenance. Also in my design sketch, i proposed bright red wood barks, white stones and pebbles of different sizes for the garden’s edges.

Photos of materials

Proposed Materials:

  • 5 bags of Shape sand: This is used to level the clay based bed, so that the artificial grass can be evenly spread with no bumps.
  • 4m x 4m Artificial Grass, 15 pins and 1 roll of liner (to prevent weeds from growing underneath the artificial grass).
  • 5 bags of bright red wood bark: This is to be the edging for the garden and also to blend with the brick colour of the house too.
  • 3 box hedge plants
  • 3 bags of White stones and 4 bags of pebbles of different sizes : This is for the garden edges too and also to give it a distinctive quality.
  • Garden sculptures and outdoor solar lights as finishing touches.
Step 1: Leveling of the clay based bed as shown above with shape sand and then laying down the liner and then laid the 4m x 4m artificial grass over the area and pinned it down as shown below:
Artificial grass being laid

Step 2: Filled in the first edge with the bright red wood barks. On the other edge, dug up holes to put the box hedge plants and then covered the surrounding up with the pebbles and stones as shown below:

Wood barks, stones and pebbles are been put in place

Step 3: Adding the garden sculptures and decoration, explored different formation with it so that it compliments the overall design and not just an element been added last minute shown below:

Garden sculptures & decorations formation

Final Design of my Front Garden

Wow! i didn’t know i could do this, thanks to my sister for making this possible. I’m happy to say that my family loves it and it has also met their requirements as well. I have gained and learnt valuable skills that i won’t have gotten from my degree but it has made me to explore what i have been thought on a Small scale.
I believe its good to put what we design on paper to reality by getting our hand dirty, if one doesn’t get to do this, you won’t have an understand of how things are laid or made. Now, I’m proud to say that I totally understand how to lay artificial grass and plants into the ground.

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Priorities of my Online Portfolio (Part II)

April 15, 2009 at 5:39 pm (Focus II) ()

Now i have modified my chosen website design template (Spectrum) for my online portfolio to my own personal preference just like what Matt Parker, Paul Bratton and Kaori Kishsi as discussed in my previous post.

Also in addition to modifying my online portfolio layout, I’m implementing my priorities on the key information pages required for me to sell myself to a potential employer to view on Moonfruit as discussed in my previous post.

These pages are:

  • Home/ Welcome
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • C.V
  • Contact

Here is a screen shot of my progress:

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Priorities of my Online Portfolio

April 8, 2009 at 2:14 am (Focus II) ()

I have researched and identified what key elements or information are required to be in my online portfolio. The information required are as shown below:

1. Welcome Page:

This is the first page that will be seen by employers or viewers. In order to give a good first impression to potential employers, i have to motivate them to want to continuing viewing my page without them losing interest. To achieve that, i have decided to add a formal introduction about myself and what my future ambitions and how i am going to achieve my long time goal of becoming a professional landscape architect.

2. Portfolio Page:

This page will consist and contain a collection of my past university work from my 1st year (2006) to my 3rd year work (2009). It willdemonstrate how i have improved and matured within my design/ concept work over the last 3 years of my undergraduate degree.

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) page:

This page is very essential and consist of a document that contains a summary of relevant job experience and education for potential employer. CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker seeking employment.

4. Blog Page:

This page will consist of my blog. It adds an extra to my portfolio by demonstrating my other personal interest apart from my university work which i have recorded in my blog over the last 3 years to employers.

5. Contact Page:

This page is suppose to contain my personal contact details such as my telephone number, address, e-mail address on which i can be contacted with. This is a very important part that needs to be present in my portfolio, so that employers or users can find it easy to access me anytime.

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Moonfruit Progress….

March 30, 2009 at 7:48 pm (Focus II) ()

Choosing my layout for my online portfolio

I observed that moonfruit has a number of different design templates available. I have decided to choose a colourful template called Spectrum. With the chosen layout of mine, i shall modify it in order to give it my personal perefernce just like what Matt Parker, Paul Bratton and Kaori Kishsi as discussed in my previous post.

Here is my chosen default layout- Spectrum; as shown below:

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